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Gray is a serial entrepreneur, business owner, world traveler, career coach, activist, philanthropist, and celebrity hair stylist.  His roots come from being a celebrity hair stylist for the last 25 years, salon owner, and owner of several wildly successful self started global businesses.  Gray has businesses in Dubai, Amsterdam, Trinidad, India, London, Ireland, and North America. He is based in Southern California, dividing his time between Laguna Beach, LA, NYC, and various other “wave breaks” around the world.  


In the world of hair, Gray is known internationally as a renowned colourist and stylist.  He has traveled extensively throughout the world creating runway and editorial styles for such names as Emporio Armani, Marc Jacobs, House of Sillage, Anine Bing, and Marco Marco, just to name a few.  Gray is also a celebrity favorite creating original colour and styles for many high powered names in the Industry including Stevie Nicks, Carson Kressley, Vinessa Shaw, Laura Benanti, Ana Mulvoy-Ten, Krizia Bajos, Nick Carson, Alyssa Diaz, Steven Dehler, Emma Zander, Jeremy Thurber, Lisa Origliasso of the Veronicas, and many more. 


Two years ago Gray partnered with the multi-billion dollar company Jeunesse Global, and Dr. Nathan Newman of Beverly Hills. Dr Newman is world renowned for his cutting edge inventions of stem-cell derived products that are reversing the signs of aging and even regrowing hair! This is when things really got exciting for Gray. This new partnership has allowed him the financial and time freedom to be a world traveler, international philanthropist, social and environmental activist, yogi, and a damn good surfer.  He credits, his family, his incredible team, the unconditional love and support from his “tribe”, and his desire to inspire and vastly improve the lives of others for his wild success.  


Today was my first time at Rossano Ferretti and I think I have found the hair salon I will be going to for years to come. Gray is not only the best hair colourist I have worked with (I've been getting highlights for 10 years now...) but he is the most lovely and kind-hearted hairstylist I have had the pleasure to work with. He does my hair for all my events and special occasions and never ceases to amaze me with his wonderful new hairstyle ideas. Gray is so much more than just a hairstylist, he will make your hair look beautiful and he is an absolute joy to be around.

Ana Mulvoy- Ten,  Actress

Without a doubt Gray is the top colourist and stylist here in LA. I work as a photographer with the top of the top in the fashion and entertainment world and on every shoot I make sure to have Gray right by my side. Not only is he just a truly amazing person and connects with everyone, but I truly have never had one client say one negative thing and pretty much 90% of my clients end up in his chair the next week getting their hair colored. Gray rocks and I highly recommend him to everyone looking for the BEST! Love ya brother!

Derek Feniger,  BlueFin Media

Gray did my color for the first time last week and I can't believe how beautiful it is!
I have gotten a compliment from every person I talk to, friends and strangers alike. I can't even walk down the street without getting a compliment on how beautiful my hair looks....it's almost embarrassing! I have been red for year and it's very difficult to achieve the perfect shade....gray nailed it! He is truly talented. The colorist whom i have been going to for 10 years recently stopped working. I was naturally freaked out and feeling abandoned. Finding a great colorist is like finding a great doctor. Gray is my new specialist! So relieved and happy I found him. The salon is also very chic and a place I felt so good in! Such a great experience!
Thank you for coming to my rescue Gray:)

Stacy P,  Marc Jacobs

I was introduced to this salon during a photoshoot  I did; and I got in as soon as i could to update my color. Gray took on the (dangerous) task of highlighting my already color-treated hair...
some history: my natural color is dark blonde; i highlighted the hell out of it for about 6 years through high school and after, then decided to drastically switch it up and dyed it all dark for the last 4+years. it's been almost as dark as black...on top of the previous highlights. now summer is coming, for some reason i've been nostalgic for that california beachy blonde girl i was when i first moved here.
bleaching hair that is already color-treated is a risky business indeed; and a sure recipe for disaster unless you go pro. Gray managed to lift the color beautifully; and took care of my hair by explaining that we're going to gradually lighten with baby steps so as not to end up with that fried look..my hair is a VERY big deal to me..i've cried over an inch trim when i said i wanted a 1/4 inch.
the color i have now is unbelievable; multi-tonal rich blonde, cool tone to match my skin tone, and i get compliments just walking down the street. "who did your color?!" 
yep, this salon is amazing..and Gray is a master colorist. i can't wait to lighten up even more!!

Elle Faulkner,  Model/Actress


I just had my hair done by Gray for a second time, and I've never written a review on here before but he deserves it. First off, he is a true artist, he's not just a one trick pony doing the same thing on everyone's hair. As a model, I've had my hair hilighted blonde by many different hair stylists, and it is so nice to feel like Gray is actually working with me and considering what my best look will be instead of just bleaching out my hair and calling it a day. There is an art to making light blonde hair look classy and not the bleached-out LA look that so many of us are in danger of getting. I really believe he is going places so get in while you can!

Caitlin Fowler,  Model

Gray has been now been doing my hair for over a year and I have never been so happy and received so many glowing compliments on my color.
He always knows how to mix it up just enough so my hair flows with the seasons and looks similar to my previous color with a little twist to keep it interesting.
Gray is an a exceptional artist with a style, grace and a southern charm unlike any other man I have ever met. I can't help to think I'm the luckiest girl in town with the best kept secret around! I would travel across state to see my hair god if I had to. He's as good as it gets and if you can grab an appointment with him you won't regret it!

Marissa Gallegos,  Marissa Leigh Foto